Wednesday, October 25

We begin the conference at 19:00.

There will be a welcome and a presentation from the side of the European Hope-Team, the host-organisation “Daughters of the King” and the host-nation Serbia.

A flag parade will show how many nations are represented at our conference. We will give praise to the Lord and worship him, who has brought us together, after a message of “Hope and Future”, we are experiencing as “Women in Leadership”-network since 25 years.


Thursday, October 26

We will have a time of worship, like in all our conference-sessions, and a Bible study from Amanda Jackson (UK), the Director of the Women’s Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, which will be discussed in small groups at the tables. A practical message from Pastor Ruth Hasselgren (Sweden) about leadership will follow and will lead us into prayer for eachother.

In each session on Thursday and Friday there will be always a time of sharing from the nations, in which area ladies, who are participants, are bringing “Hope and Future” to their specific nation, which we call “Seeds of Hope”.

And not to forget: We will also have one or two panels about actual topics.

In the afternoon we will have two times of 60-minutes-workshops, 4 to 5 parallel, with topics like Marriage, Single-Living, Mentoring, Gender Mainstreaming, Women in Ministry, Christians and PR etc.

On Thursday evening we will receive information about the situation of women in Europe and worldwide, which will lead us into prayer. Elke Werner, Board Member of the International Lausanne Movement (Germany) will motivate us for this. Prepared Prayer Stations will provide inspiration of areas to pray for.


Friday, October 27

We will have a Bible-Study with Lara Buchanan from Ravi Zacharias Ministry (UK) – which will be followed by a group-discussion.

Elke Werner will lead us in a time of reflection about the future of the “Women in Leadership” Network.

The afternoon will include different options:

European Network-Representatives will get the possibility to present their network, in which they are involved, to other interested participants of our conference: the EXPO.

A Prayer Walk with Gordana Savic  through a part of Belgrade will be offered and those who want to do so, can do Sightseeing and/or Shopping on their own.

Friday evening we will celebrate 25 years of “Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership”! We will look back, what the Lord has done through the network, personally and in our different European nations and listen to Elisabeth Mittelstädt, the visionaire and founder of this network. Some surprises are waiting for us!


Saturday, October 28

We are looking forward to be part of a “Women’s Day” in the Zira-Hotel, organized by the team of “Daughters of the King”. Speakers will be Elisabeth Mittelstädt and Sara Vitacic (please look after her correct name on the website).