Feedback of ladies from different nations who participated to our Online Gathering.

Download these testimonies in doc format here 


The online conference was a real blessing! We have learned a lot and were encouraged, Once again we saw that we are not alone, but have many sisters from all nations. Thank you so much for this wonderful time.
(from Turkey)

The Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership event was inspiring. Through Biblical messages, personal experience sharing, prayers and song, there was not a thing to be changed. I was blessed to be able to participate. Thank you!
(from Finland)

I was not excited, to plan again to be part of a zoom-meeting, I was part of too many of them in the last time.
But now, at the end of the Women in Leadership-conference, I must say, that I am so thankful, that I attended. It was very special for me. Thank you for doing the online conference.
(from Albania)

Dear leaders of Women in Leadership, I was part of the zoom conference and would like to thank you briefly that you made it!
I was amazed: It were women, who did the whole conference, also the whole technical side! A new experience for me! Never before I attended a larger event that was „only“ done by women. This experience strengthened my womanhood.
I am so pleased, that I could experience this.Thank you all!
(from Austria)

I enjoyed those days. For me Dr. Kate Coleman’s message was the best part. , is in Storytel. I already started to read her book, 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership, and it seems to be a quite good book.
Thank you for opportunity to attend this course🌼.
(from Finland)

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the conference. I am 81 and appreciated to meet new younger women and to hear their stories.
(from Canada)

The conference was well done, and it was good to see women gathering from so many different places.
I did not like the workshops I took part in, maybe I chose the wrong ones.
It was because I was expecting to receive some tools and ideas to work as a leader with families with children and couples, but it was more a personal experience and sharing on those topics, and I did not really need that.
I was especially blessed by the last preaching (not because the lady was Brazilian 🙂) It was simple, forward and encouraging. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in it.
(from Finland)

During the gathering I forgot or a long time, that it was online! It was a really strong experience, even if, of course, I missed the multilingual small talk.
I found the two impulses from Thursday evening very strong. With Sarah Breuel, my eyes didn’t stay dry either. What an arc of thoughts between grandmother, Rosa Parks and Hanna in the Old Testament!
(from Germany)

It was encouraging to meet people outside of the Salvation Army and to see their views and struggles in Leadership. Very inspiring and insightful.
(from Finland)

The gathering brought good news – in a time, where there are many negative reports! A highlight in the Covid era, where so much is not possible….Tears came to me especially when I heard Sarah Breuel.
(an American in Germany)

The seminar for women was very interesting and inspiring. I especially liked the real testimonies of women and fellowship in a group, where one could get acquainted with ministers from other countries and churches.
Special thanks to the organizers for the translation into Russian of the evening services.
(from Finland)

Online is not as expensive as a face-to-face event. I’ll keep on thinking about where to „stand up“. Unfortunately, the workshops were not translated into French. So I tried to follow in English, but that didn’t work out because of my lack of language skills. But the two messages from Dr Kate Coleman and Sarah Breuel spoke very much to me.
(from France)

I enjoyed the conference. Arrangements were well made and it was easy to join the sessions.
Most beneficial for me were the sermons and small groups that enabled sharing, prayers and reflection. Thank you for enabling us to participate.
(from Finland)

I still need a little time, before I can share something, but I want to think about new possibilities in my personal life and in my community.
(from France)

Thank you for I had the opportunity to attend the seminar for women. It was very inspiring and powerful.
It encouraged leadership as a woman.
It had good and touching messages. I hope that I could participate again in some years.
(from Finland)

I was in Kathrin Larsen’s workshop and I´d like to thank her for everything she shared. Right before the conference I´ve started the process of becoming a fosterfamily. And with Kathrin I started to pray for this child, that God will bring to my family, – whenever he decides it is the right time.
I am so touched that God teaches me how to pray for the future, – and I want to let you know, how much I appreciate Kathrin’s words, booklets and the prayer in the end. I already found the booklets on her website and I will read them and learn how to pray based on Gods promises.
Thank you so much! God bless you!

Personally, I think that these remote gatherings have many positive aspects: there was no time or money spent on traveling and I managed to complete all the necessary work responsibilities before the afternoon/evening sessions. Also, like this, it was possible to attend this gathering.
Thank you for this possibility!
(from Finland)

The conference was just S-U-P-E-R! A big and big thank you to the whole team (especially the technology) that we were able to be part of it so well.
Much love and God’s blessing!
(from Austria)

I really enjoyed the Women in Leadership Conference and was happy to be part of it. Already from the first evening, I could sense that there was a really special feeling and that many participants had really anticipated this gathering.
I mostly enjoyed the workshops with very talented speakers on Thursday afternoon. With some speakers, it felt that the “time run out” and I would have been happy to hear even more.
Evening sessions were also very nice and had good, inspiring speakers.
(from Finland)

I really took alot away from Sarah Bruel’s message; when I heard about the barreness in Hannah and that, one day, she decided to make a change, I decided to change, and invest much more time in my dreams. As a result I started some coaching, I feed myself with God’s word, practise self-discipline to work on my dreams and seek God’s will, every day! It’s an opportunity to choose to worship and re-discover God in my marriage too. The workshop on positive role models for girls got me thinking about me and my daughter too. So much to take in!
Thanks again for the invitation to join this conference in 2021! God bless!
(from France)

From the organizational side, I think the conference was organized very well.
The sessions that I participated in were good, but I feel like too many subjects were cramped into a 1-hour session.
Example: one session included human trafficking, poverty, and domestic abuse. All three topics are very big topics and I felt like the subjects were just rushed through because of time limitations. I felt like I wanted to hear more. Maybe topics like these should each have a separate session.
Everything else was great. The topics were good and the speakers were interesting.
(from Finland)

Dear Team! I just want to thank you for the Women in Leadership event. I especially liked meeting like-minded people, some new, some familiar, in the C series of workshops. It was a great programme.
With best wishes!
(From the UK)