Save the Date! May 26 and 27, 2021

Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership 

First Online Gathering: May 26 and 27, 2021

The Women in Leadership-Conference 2021 has been changed to an online gathering!
We are excited to present a rich program, directly into your home – via zoom!
You are invited to join us for four different Windows of Opportunity.

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1 Wednesday evening, May 26,19.00h to 20.30h (CET)

Dr. Kate Coleman will launch our theme, “Windows of Opportunity”, with her prophetic teaching style.
You won’t want to miss it!

Kate Coleman

Kate Coleman

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2 Thursday, May 27, 14.00h to 17.30h (CET)

Nine 60 minutes workshops, three of them running parallel during each time slot, one after the other.
Speakers from all over Europe will share about

  • windows of spiritual growth in leadership
  • windows of outreach, they are using in their ministries
  • windows to the world which wait to be opened.


3 Thursday, May 27, 19.00h to 20.30h (CET).

Sarah Breuel and Janet Sewell will inspire and encourage us to use windows of opportunity for the Gospel.

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Sarah Breuel

Sarah Breuel

Janet Sewell

Janet Sewell

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Special opportunity: to meet with others in digital breakout-groups!


4 Saturday, May 29, open air event in Oradea (Nagyvárad), Romania

Live-streamed, with evangelist Elke Werner

Elke Werner

Elke Werner

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Workshops and Panels

Download the table with our workshops and panels here

During Thursday afternoon, May 27, we are offering 9 different workshops and panels with a length of 60 minutes.

All will be hold live – from 17 European leaders, who will share experience, wisdom and inspiration from their area of service in the Kingdom:

  • 3 in the area “Windows to Spiritual Growth” (A1, A 2, A3)
  • 3 in the area “Windows of Outreach” (B1, B2, B 3)
  • 3 in the area “Windows to the World” (C1, C2, C3)

In each time-slot you can choose among 3 different topics out of 3 different areas, which are hold parallel. After a break of 20 minutes you can choose among 3 other topics out of these 3 areas, and finally, after the next 20 minutes break, you can make your choice out of these three areas.

All 9 workshops/panels will be recorded, like the online-meetings on Wednesday and Thursday evening on May 26 and 27. So missed sessions, workshops and panels can be seen and heard after the online gathering. Exception: the discussion-times in the breakout-rooms.

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The registration fee is 25 €. You may choose to pay online with credit card, or through bank transfer to the account given in the registration form.

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Because we are offering an online gathering, we can welcome ladies from all over Europe, who desire to be part of it.

We are looking forward to see you soon on zoom!

The Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership Team