Dear Ladies!

We are very happy about so many registrations for our next “Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership” Conference in the middle of Austria, in Schladming.

It is scheduled from:
November 21 (Thursday evening) to November 24 (Sunday noon) in the
Hotel Schütterhof, Schladming/Austria, www.schuetterhof.com.

“Thank you” says the Austrian “Prisca”-Team, this forum of female leaders within the Austrian Evangelical Alliance – as the national host-team for European Leadership- conference.
And “thank you” says the inviting team of the “Hope for Europe-Women in Leadership”-Network!


No more registrations possible!

Because place in the Hotel Schütterhof is limited, we had to stop the registrations. This is because we have reached the maximum of 160 participants – with some ladies on the waiting-list, if someone has to quit the conference participation.
We are sorry for this!


At a given time, we will publish photos, a report and papers from the conference.
And as well announce the next “Hope for Europe-Women in Leadership” conference.


“Call to all Christians”
For all those, who are interested, what Christian women leaders from all over the globe have published after their first and historic conference with the title “Rise in Strength” in June 2019 in Amsterdam, go to the website:


There you can find a “Call to All Christians” of this world in different languages. It is a call for united action to promote and value the contribution of women and girls to the Church.
As well you will find there some videos to underline the decision of the “Rise in Strength” consultation to be a voice for key issues, women and girls are facing.


The Austrian “Prisca”– and the European “Women in Leadership”-Team


Schladming can be reached easily by train. The closest airport is Salzburg (1 hour drive), other airports are Linz (1,5h), Graz (2h), Munich (Germany, 2,5h), Vienna (3h).


Our speakers:

(click on the images for biographical info of the speakers)

Sabine Kalthoff


“I expect the Living God to be present at this conference and to speak his Word into each and every heart. He awaits us in Schladming; he sees and knows us – let’s be open for whatever he wants to do among us.”




Dr. Kate Coleman


“I am looking forward to encountering God together with amazing women from across Europe. Remarkable things happen whenever women come together and realise the individual and collective power they are entrusted with to transform the world!”
Beside rich Bible-Studies and encouraging leadership-topics we will have several times of discussion, prayer, worship, workshops, panels and reports from the nations.

The “Prisca”-Team has already begun to spread the European Women’s Day, a first in Austria. This event will take place in Schladming’s Congress on Saturday, November 23. It is for ladies from all over Austria and all denominations and will give a taste of the blessing of Christian “togetherness” in Europe.


“Welcome!” says the “Hope”-Team with
Hannelore Illgen (convenour, Germany), Evodia Budai (Romania), Romkje Fountain (The Netherlands), Amanda Jackson (United Kingdom), Ksenija Sabo (Serbia), Elke Werner (Germany), Jennifer Williamson (France)

Hope and Prisca ladies – November 2018 in Schladming

“Welcome!” says the Austrian “Prisca”-Team with
Monika Faes (leader) and Renate Gyger, Ruth Kistenich, Heidi Lettner, Esther Lieberknecht, Petra Netzer, Renate Oester, Conny Oberheinrich, Angelika Übelher


Schladming, Austria – Photo: © Bwag/CC-BY-SA-4.0Schladming1